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For some time, my inner self has been searching for ways to give back to our mysterious universe; a universe which has been kind even in times of adversity. Through interactions with friends and people around me it became clear that my mission was to share with others the lessons of my spiritual journey under the divine guidance of my guardian angels, which helped me heal my soul and uplift my spirit. 


I began with aromatherapy, experimenting with organic substances and essential oils, two of nature's precious gifts. I was apprehensive to proceed; however, my curiosity, my heart and my angels’ whispers led me in the proper direction. I went on to study Ayurveda.  Then I had the privilege of working with spiritual healers whom inspired me to create Angel Touch. 


Angel Touch is first and foremost a way of life in the pursuit of health, wellness and happiness, using the best that nature has to offer.  


It is also an organic line of body care, love baths, aromatic candles, aura and house cleansing products, each with the purpose to heal the mind, body and soul. 


It is finally a nest crafted with love, passion, and the angelic light, to create a holistic sensorial, spiritual and social experience. 


Always remember to nurture yourself.